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but widespread throughout much of temperate North America.
A weed.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Brand New Person

Little One,

You make me so happy! I have always wanted a child of my very own — and now here you are! We can’t wait for you to be born. We have so many exciting things we want to do with you.

I’ve been waiting for you my whole life. The day your mother told me she was pregnant with you was one off the most surprising and exciting I have ever had. We’d only just started our new family, with the two of us. Now we are going to be three. Ever since that day I have been thinking about you. You are so very special to me.

It’s so wonderful to me to think about how you are a brand new person. There is nobody else in this world just exactly like you. I wonder what you will be like. I wonder what ways you will be like your mother, and what ways you will be like me, and what ways you will be like your grandparents. I also wonder what things will be different and completely new about you. I wonder what things you will find interesting, what kind of games you will like to play, what foods you will like to eat, what things you like to read and talk about.

I can’t wait to read and talk to you. I know that as a little baby you will be working quickly to learn what we are saying so you can take part in the things this family does. Some day maybe you will watch your little brothers and sisters do the same thing, and maybe some day you will watch your own children do it, too. You and I will have a lot of interesting things to say to each other from the day you are born onward. In fact, I am already talking to you now, in Mommy’s belly.

It’s been so fun watching Mommy’s belly get bigger as you grow. You are growing every day! When we first found out about you you weren’t even as long as my finger. Now you are bigger than my hands, and before you are born you will get even bigger. And then after you are born you will keep getting bigger and bigger until you are all grown up and you have become a man or a woman instead of a boy or a girl.

Speaking of that we can’t wait to find out if you are a boy or a girl. Just think: for months now you’ve been growing away hidden in Mommy’s belly where only you and God know that secret! We’re ready to find out, too; We are so eager to learn everything we can about you, and also we want to decide what to name you.

Your Mommy and I are going to give you a name from the Bible. We want to name you after one of the the good people in that Book who lived as an example for us, teaching us how to live close to God. I’m reading to you from the Bible already, while you’re in Mommy’s belly. slowly as you grow after you are born, you will learn to understand what I am reading to you. Someday, Lord willing, you will read the Bible to me! And as you grow up you will learn all about the good man or woman of God that we name you for. I hope you will want to be just like that person.

Little One, I love you,

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