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A weed.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Now he's mobile

Stephen was enjoying some time on his blanket while the rest of us had a Sunday picnic on the living room floor. Of course, Stephen doesn't stay in one place much, lately, so it wasn't any time until he had backed way off of his blanket. (He can't go forward. ) Soon he was up against the wall, and suddenly our lunch was interrupted by a loud, cheery, electronic fanfare! We were dumbfounded for a minute while we tried to figure out what was going on: Stephen had rolled up next to Mommy's new Roomba and had decided to press the buttons, and the Roomba was letting us know that it was just about to get going and scour the floor!

I jumped up and raced over to pick him up as fast as I could, but by then the Roomba had started roaring and coming toward Stephen. We saw a look of curious interest on his face, then a look of mild concern, and then he let out a cry of sheer terror! At that point I whisked Stephen up, turned off the Roomba (I have no idea what buttons to push so I just pushed buttons until it stopped — yeah, my boys come by the button pushing gene honestly ), and held Stephen up next to my face and shoulder to start comforting him. The cry was quickly silenced and replaced by panicked, loud breathing for a second as Stephen calmed down and reflected on his close call. I couldn't see his face, but Momma says he was grinning real big and looking proudly at the Roomba.

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