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but widespread throughout much of temperate North America.
A weed.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

When, oh when will they get here?

39 weeks, and counting … We’re ready for you, Eva and Jeremiah! We’ll be keeping track of labor progess at http://blackstonetwins.blogspot.com/ (when it actually starts), for those who are interested.

Meanwhile, Stephen just had his first birthday party! My baby is 1 year old! He had rubber ducky cupcakes, which he loved, and his first Dublin Dr Pepper, which he LOVED. Technically, this was his first sugar (in reality, however, he had already stolen a cookie from Aunt Cindy at Easter, ate cupcake crumbs at his brother’s 2nd birthday party, and raced across the room at lightening speed to snatch a dropped M&M).

Now he thinks he’s a big boy. He’s learned to say "no" and "uh-oh," and is climbing onto everything.

Joseph is liking being the big brother, I think. He bosses Stephen around, and loves on him and kisses him a lot. He talks quite a bit about the babies in Mommy’s belly, and cradles his stuffed animal "babies." His new tricks include speaking in full sentences! "Hold a min," "I do it," and "I don’t want to," are among his favorites. We’re working on that last one

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