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but widespread throughout much of temperate North America.
A weed.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Where's Nana?

Nana went to Africa on a mission trip with her church. We went to Papaw’s house the other day, and Joseph was confused as to where Nana was. He kept talking about her and asking if he could give her a hug. So I pulled out the globe today to show him where Nana was. I showed him where Texas was and told him that’s where he lived. Then I showed him the Atlantic ocean and Ghana. I explained to him that Nana flew over the big ocean in an airplane and landed in Ghana. He is very fascinated by all this.

I asked him a few minutes ago, "Joseph, where’s Nana?" He immediately turned the globe around and pointed at Ghana and said "Is Nana." Now he answers the question with "Nana in Africa, Mommy."

A few times he has asked, "Papaw in Africa?" I told him no, Papaw was in America just like Joseph. To which he replies, "Oh, Papaw America."

He now loves pointing at America and declaring "Is Jose! Is Jose!"

Somehow, though, without our knowledge Aunt Kiki went to Russia and Uncle John ended up in China. Joseph says so. :D

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