Dandelion: A perennial yellow-flowered herb, native to Eurasia
but widespread throughout much of temperate North America.
A weed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The things we love

Each of our children has become attached to certain plush toys. Some of the attachments have waned and faded, to be replaced by others. But they have stayed pretty consistant in the few last years.
Name: Howard
Owner: Joseph
Previously named: Fuzz, Ty Beanie Buddy
He belonged to me when I was a teen, and Joseph latched on to him and claimed him as his own.
Name: Puppy
Owner: Stephen
Previously named: Sammi the Pup, Animal Alley
He was a christmas gift one year from Momma and Daddy

Name: George
Owner: Jeremiah
George was a Birthday gift for Joseph when he was younger, but Joseph lost interest in him. Jeremiah adopted him.

Name: Baby
Owner: Eva
Previously named: Baby Eva
Baby was a Christmas gift from Nana in 2009. She was made by Twin1656 on Etsy.
Name: Dora
Owner: Mary Rose
Dora was a Christmas gift from Nana in 2010. The two have been joined at the hip ever since.

Gideon has yet to pick a favorite :) Right now, he likes anything that resembles a ball.

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