Dandelion: A perennial yellow-flowered herb, native to Eurasia
but widespread throughout much of temperate North America.
A weed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Something Different

For the first time in their lives, our kids swam in a pool. We decided to try out one of the condo's pools this morning. It was a bit nippy, so we took walked to the heated pool 2 buildings over. They were understandably nervous, but seemed to enjoy it.

Mary Rose didn't like it, of course. She seems to have developed a fear of water that I have not noticed before this trip. I finally got her to sit next to me with her feet in the water, and she liked it. By the end of the hour, she was sitting on the first step, running her hands through the water "swimming" as she called it.

Eva jumped off the edge without warning, and sank beneath the surface. I got to her first and pulled her out, and she was pretty shook up. She never did that again, and stayed in the kiddie pool from that point on. Scared the living daylights out of me.

We took the kids to an Aquarium today. The kids were able to see dolphins and sting rays and jelly fish up close. We think we may have discovered what kind of jelly fish stung David the other day from looking at all of the local ones on display.

Sea Nettle -- what I think stung David.
He thinks I'm getting just a little too much enjoyment out of telling this story.

Moon Jelly Fish. We found one of these floating near the shore. Apparently dead, with holes in it.

I really hated the interactive computers in the display rooms. Our kids flocked to them because they were so cool, and they had interactive "educational games" about the animals. We had a hard time pulling them away from the computers to look at the sea animals. But it was stuff they could do at home on the internet whenever I wanted them to. We took them to the aquarium to see real live dolphins and sea turtles, not play a computerized trivia game! Never thought I would be irritated by such things, but we didn't let the kids play on them after the first time.

I think they lived :) And had a great time once they realized how fun the animals were to look at.

We found a Chinese place for dinner. It was great food, but now I'm sleepy and ready for bed. :)


  1. Have you found any great SEAFOOD restaurants?

  2. David doesn't like seafood, so that doesn't happen very often :) The chinese place had some decent seafood, though.