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A weed.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Joseph!

Joseph loves his bear, Howard. He requested that I give him a "Howard" birthday party this year. I thought that was adorable, so I did my best :)

Apparently, Howard likes honey, too, so we made sure his Howard cake had access to a beehive.

 The Beehive Pinata was filled with honeystix and Bit O Honey candy. Seemed appropriate.

And Joseph loved giving out his Teddy Bear Smores. He helped me make these, and they were so easy. I saw the idea on Etsy, but couldn't afford them! So we bought the bear peeps off of Amazon, and made our own.

Got these Teddy Bear Fondant toppers off of Etsy, from Lady Cupcake's Corner. I'm not usually fond of fondant, but she makes her own, and it was honestly the best I've ever tasted! It was very good on top of sugar cookies and buttercream icing :)

Bear Cupcakes :)

Since Joseph is crafty, we decided to have some crafts at his party. We made Bear puppets, Bear party masks, Bear bracelets, and Bear snowglobes. I think he had a great time!

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