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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School's out!

And what a semester it was!

Here's an overview of what we studied:
Texas History - We studied each time period starting with the Indians, using the books Eyewitness: Texas and The Story of Texas. The kids learned about each flag, and the kids recognize some of them when we go out. Really focused on the Alamo, and we took a field trip to the Alamo itself.
Reading - Joseph finished Teach Your Child to Read in 101 Easy Lessons. Eva, Stephen and Jeremiah are about halfway through it.We read The Boy in the Alamo, Susanna, and started reading Dickens' Oliver Twist.
Writing - Joseph and Stephen worked on A Reason for Handwriting. Jeremiah, Eva and Mary practiced their letters and numbers using a dry erase book.
Art - Joseph worked through Art with a Purpose pack 2. Stephen, Jeremiah and Eva used Color by Number sheets.
Math - Joseph finished MathUsee Primer. Stephen, Jeremiah and Eva are halfway through it. Mary colored Dora number pages that I made for her.
Unit Studies -
Joseph: Studied cats, from kittens to large wild cats. We read through the books Eyewitness Book: Cat and Kitten: See How They Grow. He kept a journal of everything he learned, then wrote a story about cats. And he made a movie on Aesop's Belling the Cat.
Stephen: Studied boats. We read through Busy Boats and Cutaway Boats. He, too, kept a journal, then wrote a story about two boats. We had a boat race, and learned about making a hypothesis and testing it.

Jeremiah: Studied skyscrapers. We read through Skyscrapers! and Tonka:Building the Skyscraper. He kept a journal, built a skyscraper out of toothpicks and marshmallows and tested its strength. He wrote a story that started out being about buildings, but turned into a story about transforming monsters. :)

Eva: Studied mice. We read through a book on caring for Mice and Mouse: See How They Grow. She kept a journal, made clay mice and took pictures for a storybook: Town Mouse, Country Mouse. She wrote a story about a baby mouse.

Mary: Studied babies. We read Everywhere Babies. She "kept" a journal, made sock dolls, and wrote a story about babies always being in our hearts.


  1. This makes me want to do school work again!

  2. Hmmm, a unit study with Nana ....