Dandelion: A perennial yellow-flowered herb, native to Eurasia
but widespread throughout much of temperate North America.
A weed.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Town Mouse, Country Mouse

 Eva's project for this semester consisted of making little mice out of modelling clay, and then taking pictures of them to make a picture book of Aesop's Fable "Town Mouse, Country Mouse."
Isn't she cute? She got to play with Momma's camera, which was the highlight of the day. Here are some pictures she took, with help ...

We compiled them all into storybook form, thanks to Shutterfly.com, and hopefully Eva's masterpiece will be arriving in the mail shortly :)



  1. Wow! What a keepsake that will be...can't wait to see it! O.K...I gotta ask...did she have help with those adorable mice?

  2. Yes, she had help, but she did a lot of the work. I would show her how to roll a ball for the body, and she would do it. I'd show her how to make a hand, and she'd do it, etc.