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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Noah's Ark Birthday Party!

Stephen is 7!
Jeremiah is 6!
Eva is 6!
Gideon is 3!

And they all agreed they wanted a Noah's Ark party so that they could each have their favorite animals.
Stephen chose a tiger.
Jeremiah chose dinosaurs, of course.
Eva likes cats (think: Hello Kitty).
And Gideon loves penguins.

So we had a Noah's Ark party.

 A solid chocolate ark in front of a chocolate poke cake Mt. Ararat. 

 Rainbow cake! Directions here.

 Rainbow cupcakes!

 Rainbow balloons galore!

 Mary Rose doing a dinosaur craft. 

 The Birthday Boy Stephen

 Joseph doing a dinosaur craft

 The Birthday Girl Eva made her cat puppet

 Penguin game!

 The Birthday Boy Gideon. He is convinced that the racoon mask he is wearing is actually a bear. 

 The Birthday Boy Jeremiah and his dinosaur glider. 

 Gideon playing his penguin game. 

Making paper tigers.

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