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but widespread throughout much of temperate North America.
A weed.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow Day

Actually, that should be "Sleet Day." But kids don't understand the difference! It's all a time to play.

So we had sleet in March. Not unheard of, but wow. This has been one of the coldest winters I can remember.

 Gideon and Mary Rose. Gideon didn't last long outside. 

 Stephen collecting sheets of ice.

 Four very cold kids. You'd think they'd be inside. You know, where it's warm.

 Stephen's ice collection

 Apparently a tricycle buried in ice is hilarious. Mommy thought that kids going out in the ice was more hilarious, but nobody asked me :)

 Ice in the backyard.

 Ice at the airport.

 Jeremiah's ice collection

 More of the ice collection -- this is the in thing!


This road was frozen solid. They were actually ice skating on it. In Texas.

Spring, anyone?

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