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but widespread throughout much of temperate North America.
A weed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Joseph’s vocabulary has multiplied by almost 1000%. He’s using maybe a hundred or more words (Sarah says many more). He imitates much of what we say.

He gets a bit jealous sometimes when he sees me carrying his brother (Stephen’s recently started riding on my shoulders! I was too scared to do this with Joseph at this age.), and asks to be picked up. I can still carry both of them, and I’ll carry them around and just prattle on about how much I love "my boys" and how wonderful it is to have "my boys," etc.

Tonight I realized Joseph was saying "boys" and pointing at himself and Stephen, and that this has become his word for saying, "Do that thing where you pick both of us up." Apparently "boys" is a verb. :)

In other news, Joseph’s word for "hot dog" is "dogdog" (pronounced "tog-tog"). Although he seemed to have another word for it for awhile that began with an aspirated "h." Alas, that sound will likely pass out of his vocabulary before he gets the chance to learn a use for it.

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