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A weed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Joseph's first Essay

Joseph is entering a contest to win a new bike, in which he must write an essay about why he needs a new bike for school. And so he has written his first essay. These are all his own words, with only a few minor grammatical corrections from me. He's learned about writing a rough draft, and then revising it into a final draft. He and his Daddy have been talking a lot about exercise, so he knew immediately what he was going to write about.

"Why I need a new bike for school."
By Joseph
Age 6

I need a new bike because it will give me a lot of exercise. Exercise makes you strong and faster. You have to exercise, because if you don't exercise (like for 3 or 4 weeks), you will get weak and tired and sick.

If you exercise, and rest, your body will use the food you eat to make your muscles. I want muscles because it will give me more strength and help me run faster than my friends.

Riding bikes is fun and good for me. It is so fun that I would ride it every day of every week, and I would be very strong.

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