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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mary's 4th Birthday

 Welcome to Candy Land!

The goodie bags leading up to the candy bar. Notice the eager little hand ...

The cake. It was a 3 layer cake -- strawberry, orange and lime.
 Notice the eager little face that probably belonged the eager little hand in the previous picture.

The Candy Bar. I loved doing this part. I bought the glass canisters at walmart, and glued them to glass candle sticks -- homemade apothecary jars. Thank you, Pinterest!

We also included toothbrushes at the bar for the kids to take home. Seemed appropriate.

Loved the paper straws here. :) I thought they were so cool and neat and new, and then my dad told me he remembered when all straws were made of paper.

We originally planned the party for outdoors, but moved inside because of weather. So I came up with some last minute game ideas. I went to the store and bought some candy necklace kits, and laid them out on a table.

Some were a little eager to eat the necklaces!

Then we had Candy Land Bubbles. I found these scented bubbles at Walmart. They were a hit. I think this was Mary's favorite part.

We played Pin the Cherry on the Icecream.

We had a Candy Design Factory, where the kids could use paper, scissors, crayons and glue to come up with all kinds of neat candy ideas.

And, of course, Candy Land was set up for anyone who wanted to play. Complete with extra game pieces.

The table for all the kids to sit at while eating cake.

And here's the chocolate cupcakes. While I was baking Mary's cake, she came in and said, "Mommy, is the cake chocolate?" I told her no, and explained my brilliant idea of an orange, strawberry, lime 3 layer 9x13 cake. She said "But, Mommy, I like chocolate." So we compromised on chocolate cupcakes. Everything was okay with her as long as she had some chocolate :)

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